3 Stone Diamond Rings

3 stone diamond ringsDiamonds are always mentioned in association with love. That’s why people always try to use diamond rings for engagements, weddings, and anniversaries. Among the many forms of diamond rings, 3 stone diamond rings stand out as one of the most famous styles.

One of the reasons for its popularity is the special meaning behind the 3 stones. The three stones represent the three stages of time; past, present and future.  When you give it to your loved one, it means that you remember the happy times when you two were together, cherish the present you spend with him/her and plan a future that is joyful than ever before.

Other than thins popular belief some even believe that the three stones have a religious meaning as well. The three stones are said to represent the Trinity, God the father, son and the Holy Spirit. In that meaning, it has a value to those who treasure religion above many other things in life.

Diamonds have been used in association with marriages from the middle ages. The Romans had a special interest in diamonds as they believed that diamonds have a supernatural power. The Italians were one of the first nations in Europe to use diamonds and they believed them as stones of reconciliation.

In the known history, Diamonds rings were used in 1447 for the marriage between Maximilian I and Mary of Burgundy. There are other known references of use of diamond rings from related times.

Three stone diamond rings are also known as Trinity rings or Trilogy rings. Usually the middle stone is more prominent than the other two, but there are rings in which all three stones are in the same size.

The classic rings have round stones while more modern ones use various shapes like oval or even square. The ring itself can be gold, white gold or platinum. Therefore the choices are many and you can always go for something that you feel more unique and elegant.

Giving a diamond ring is an expensive task. But it is also one of the most graceful ways of expressing your love. A 3 stone diamond ring has less chance of failure as an engagement ring and the bound can last for an eternity as same as the diamond ring itself.

A diamond ring has been the ultimate symbol of eternal love for centuries. You can join the proud tradition by giving a diamond ring to your significant other for anniversary or as an engagement or wedding ring. 3 stone diamond rings are unique with their special meaning of timelessness of love. Always try to give one to your loved one and share the joy and warmth for the rest of your life.

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