Difference between White Gold and Platinum

white gold wedding bandMost wedding rings are made from white gold, yellow gold or platinum. Although the choice should ultimately be a personal one, you should be aware of the difference between white gold and platinum; especially when it comes to choosing wedding jewelry. These two choices have also become increasingly popular over the last decade and we have listed a few differences between these two metals for you:

The Color

Although both these metals are white in color, the white gold gets its color due to the plating and alloys. White gold wedding bands, for example, are typically alloyed with copper, nickel and zinc, which is why it has the grey or “white” color. For a wedding band to maintain its whiteness, it is suggested that it be re-plated with rhodium every year. Platinum however, may lose its shine over the years and become slightly grey in color, which can be removed with polishing.

The Durability

It’s inevitable that jewelry will pick up small scratches as it is being worn. Platinum however, wont’ be removed by small scratches, making it very durable. You can restore a platinum ring’s appearance with proper burnishing; and as for white gold, a small amount of metal is added during polishing to renew its original appearance.

The Purity

The purity of platinum of graded by sterling number, for e.g. 900 sterling is 90% platinum, etc. Platinum is also usually higher in purity than that of gold. The only exception is 24 carat gold; which is 100% pure. White gold rings are often around 75% pure (or 18 carat), with some being 60% pure (14 carat).

The Weight

There is a significant weight difference between white gold and platinum; with platinum being much heavier than white gold jewelry. An average wedding band made from platinum is roughly about one third heavier than one made from white gold.

The Cost

Platinum jewelry is more expensive than white gold. The reason for this is that there it requires more labor to make them compared to white gold; and they are also about 60% denser than white gold too. Platinum is also less malleable than white gold, hence the difference in labor. When you take the weight, purity and labor into account, white gold is cheaper to make; and thus it’s also cheaper when compared to platinum jewelry.platinum wedding bands

With these factors in mind, it might be easier to choose the jewelry item of your choice. Each type of metal has its own characteristics and it ultimately comes down to choice; you can also choose one that will best suit your dress code. As for wedding rings, white gold has been very popular for the bride; whereas platinum seems to be the preference for the groom. Whatever the difference between white gold and platinum, you are sure to have beautiful and durable wedding jewelry that will last for years to come.

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