Irish Claddagh Jewelry

claddagh jewelryThe Irish Claddagh Jewelry design is most probably the most culturally rich types of jewelry in recorded history.  The significance and the history of the design dates back over three hundred years.  The way the Jewelry is worn and designed is rooted deeply in Irish tradition.  The hands holding a heart are symbols of togetherness and friendship.  The heart on its own is a symbol of love and the crown stands for loyalty.  For this obvious reason, things like rings in Claddagh style have come to be known as faith rings.

The idea of Claddagh Jewelry being related to faith has permeated most of the designs culture.  The hands holding a heart over a cross are symbolic of friendship, loyalty and love on a setting of sacrifice.  The sacrifice the was given freely because of love, friendship and loyalty.

Thanks to its Irish backgrounds, history and roots, a lot of Claddagh Jewelry is known as cetlic, which describes the design.  Often due to the precious nature of the historically designed jewelry it is usually set in gold higher than 9 karats, with a lot of manufacturers setting their pieces in two tones.  For example Apples of Gold have Claddagh Jewelry set in yellow gold and rose gold, or yellow gold and white gold.  Rose gold was conceived of from times in Wales when the local copper deposits leached into the gold veins and turned the gold a orangey rose color.  This gave people the idea of mixing copper with gold to create rose gold.

There is a way to wear Claddagh Jewelry, in the same way that there is a way to wear a wedding or engagement ring.  If the ring is worn on the right hand but it has the crown facing outwards, then the wearer is single.  If the ring is worn on the right hand but the crown is facing inwards, then either it has slipped or he/she is in a relationship.  If the ring is being worn on the right hand and the crown is facing outwards then that person is in a committed relationship, may be engaged or even married.  So whether you have a good friend who you want to show your friendship for then this is the jewelry for them.  If you are in a relationship and you are committed then why not buy Claddagh rings to show the world that you are in relationships or maybe even destined for the alter.

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