What is Different about White Gold?

white gold wedding bandsSo, you’ve decided to get married.  You’re going to need a wedding set.   You don’t like yellow gold and platinum is out of your price range.  What to do, what to do?  Why not choose white gold wedding bands?  Before you go that route, there is some information that you’ll need.

The alchemy of white gold is different.  Depending on the metal that the gold is alloyed with, the white gold will have a different strength and pliability, even a different color.   White gold is usually alloyed with palladium, manganese, or, most commonly, nickel.   While combining gold and nickel creates a very strong and durable metal, perfect for white gold wedding bands, many people have a nickel allergy.   You may want to seek out an alloy that uses palladium.

White gold is rarely actually white.  White gold is a term used to describe various shades of gold including pale yellow, light pink, even brown.   It’s generally plated with rhodium, which gives the white gold its unique color.   Just like yellow gold, white gold’s purity is ranked by the karat scale.  14k yellow gold and 14k white gold contain the same amount of actual gold.   Only the alloy and, in the case of white gold, the plating, are different.

Now, you will need a ring.  While wedding bands are believed to date back to Roman times, and were given as part of the dowry, the simple gold band was popular throughout the middle ages in Europe.  White gold wedding bands come in a myriad of styles and are quite versatile.

Maybe you want something simple.  A traditional wedding band in white gold is fairly easy to find.  If you’re willing to go with a slightly wider band, there are all sorts of effects that can be done.  A hammered band would be elegant and rustic.  Braided designs are quite popular, as are Celtic patterns.  Almost any design or pattern you can conceive of can be engraved on your band.

Even ultra-modern sleek and sophisticated styles can be found.  Eternity bands, which have stones that go completely around the ring, are a popular option.  Cigar band rings are a fashionable choice for both men and women who are looking for something more substantial.  Concave bands are similar to cigar bands, except they bow in, creating a modern look.

White gold can be finished in many ways, too.  Highly polished white gold wedding bands create a gleam.   Brushed white gold looks very elegant and icy.  Many rings that have engraved designs have been antiqued, which makes the design really pop!  Filigree, where the metal is cut away leaving a lacy pattern, is available, too.

No matter what your personal style is or what you are looking for, there is a white gold wedding band for everyone out there.

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