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Platinum Wedding Ring Properties

A platinum wedding ring–or platinum as a precious metal–tends to be more durable, longer-lasting, and, of course, more valuable as a precious metal commodity in comparison to gold.

Platinum wedding bands have been steadily increasing in popularity.  Although platinum wedding bands generally look the same as white gold wedding bands, they are more costly, sometimes as high as 3-4 times as expensive–but can be worth every dollar over the long term and life of your ring.

The density of platinum is approx. 60% more than gold (so platinum is approx. 60% heavier in weight for the same ring in gold). Platinum also cost approx. 2.5 times as much as gold per gram as a precious metal and commodity. It is a more valuable metal. Because of these two factors, platinum can cost, at times 3-4 times more expensive than gold. We believe that it is worth the difference in price as a long term purchase, for an item such as a wedding band. Why?

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Although white gold is a popular and cost effective alternative–and looks virtually the same–there are considerable advantages to platinum over white gold. White gold must go through a process called rhodium plating in order for it to achieve its "platinum-like" or white color. Platinum wedding bands, on the other hand, will not need to be re-rhodium plated. They will naturally retain their white color over the life of your jewelry.

White gold was originally made as an alternative to platinum, since platinum is a more expensive metal. Since there is naturally no such thing as "white gold", various alloys such as nickel are mixed with yellow gold to create white gold. White gold undergoes a process to make it "white" called rhodium plating, otherwise, it will have a slightly yellow tint to it.  With platinum it is naturally white and so there is no need for re-rhodium plating over the life of the ring.

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Hypoallergenic Properties

Platinum wedding bands also contain hypoallergenic properties, which make them an ideal solution for many, whereas a very small percentage of people may be allergic to alloys contained in white gold, such as nickel.  Platinum rings, instead, usually contain 95% platinum, and usually 5% other, more expensive and hypoallergenic metals such as ruthenium or palladium.

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Since platinum wedding bands have a purer consistency and there is more actual platinum in a platinum band (95% pure) vs. gold in a 14k white gold band (58% pure gold or 75% for 18k gold) the weight of a platinum wedding band tends to be significantly heavier than both 14k and 18k gold. Therefore, platinum bands are considerably more substantial in weight and value.

Platinum wedding bands tend to have a longer life cycle.  When platinum bands are scratched, they lose virtually no metal, due to a higher density of the precious metal contained in the band.  Therefore there is a greater resistance to scratches and a platinum band wedding will tend to retain its finish and look longer than a gold band.

Brushed Center Platinum Wedding Band Ring


Platinum Wedding Band Properties, Wedding-Band-Ring.Com

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