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"... And the two shall be one ..."


a. An Inherent or Distinguishing Characteristic

b. A personal trait, especially a character trait


14K White Gold Celtic Wedding Band, Approx. 14.0 grams

When we think of quality, we think of this applying not only to our wedding rings, but we endeavor to have this characteristic apply to usas a jewelry and wedding company.

This ensures that you will receive a quality wedding band ring. Our rings are guaranteed to contain a degree and grade of excellence and they are backed by our 45 day return policyno questions asked.

Individually Made

Most of our wedding rings are individually hand-made to assure quality and integrity of design. We do not let our rings sit in stock or have them displayed in a jewelry store, where they can get scratched or worn. Instead, each ring is crafted piece by piece direct from the manufacturer.

Weight & Substance

  • Of, relating to, or having substance; material.

  • True or real; not imaginary.

  • Solidly built; strong.

    Our rings have a substantial weight to them and on average, depending on your ring size, will weigh approx. 10.0 - 12.00 grams each for our 14k gold rings with designs (weights based on a size 10, 7mm ring).  18K Gold will weigh slightly more at approx. 13.0 grams and our platinum rings are the heaviest and most substantial, and generally weigh approx. 15.0-16.0 grams and above for our design rings (weights may vary slightly based on ring style and size).

    The Celtic ring pictured on this page, for example, weighs a total of approx. 14.0 grams in a size 10.

    If you would like to the know the weight of any of our rings, you may contact us at any time for ring weights and details.

    Some companies may have similar rings that cost less, but it is important to compare the weight and quality of rings, as you can have the same ring weigh 7.0 or 8.0 grams vs. 10.0 - 12.0 grams (such as in our rings), and look virtually the same. The difference will be that our rings are weighty and substantial, whereas lighter weight rings will be less thick and therefore not contain the same quality and maintain the same long-term wear and tear.


    As with all companies, human error may occur. It is rare that we send a ring with a defect, as we rigorously inspect each ring before shipping and reject any rings that do not meet our requirements. But if you do receive a ring that does not meet your utmost expectations, please let us know and if there is a defect present, we will have it re-made for you at no cost to you, subject to our policies and guidelines.


    Almost all of our designs can be made in any color. If there is a design that you like but it is in our "two-tone" category, for example, we can have it made in all white or all yellow gold. We can even have it made in platinum if it is shown in gold. Just let us know. There is a lot of flexibility as far as color and metal types used. This is true for most, but not all of our rings, so be sure to ask.


    At Apples of Gold we stand behind the quality and integrity of our rings.

    We guarantee the craftsmanship of our rings for one year from the time of your purchase. If your ring becomes defective within that time, please send it to us and we will repair or replace it for free. If a woven braid, for example, on a wedding band becomes loose, we will repair or replace the braid free of charge.  We also have repair services available after the one year of warranty service should your ring need servicing, depending on the extent of servicing required.

    Our warranty applies to manufacturer's defect. It does not, however, apply to damage as a result of improper care of your ring. It also does not include natural wear and tear or rhodium plating on white gold. You can request re-rhodium plating and polishing on your ring at any time and we will be glad to provide this service for a fee.

    This warranty applies to manufacturer's defects only, as to be determined solely by Apples of Gold Jewelry. If Apples of Gold believes that damage to the ring is due to a reason other than manufacturer's defect, then we reserve the right to charge a fee if you decide for us to repair or service your ring.

    This warranty is offered free of charge with every purchase of an Apples of Gold Jewelry wedding band. 

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