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"... And the two shall be one ..."

Diamond Clarity

Diamond Engagement Rings

"Clarity, clarity, surely clarity is the most beautiful thing in the world"
- Pulitzer Prize winning poet George Oppen
(Son of diamond merchant George Augustus Oppenheimer)

Clarity is an important criterion for the grading of diamonds. Some would say that it is the most important, since clarity is at times referred to as 'quality'. It would seem straightforward: clarity means "clearness". This is of course true, however, in regard to diamonds, 'clarity' is determined two factors. These are inclusions and blemishes.

Blemishes are flaws such as scratches, pits, or chips that are located on the surface of the stone. Inclusions are flaws such as bubbles, cracks, gas, or even non-diamond which is to say 'non-carbon' - minerals located within the stone. This latter inclusion can effect the color of the diamond as well.

Since diamonds are developed by the forces of nature, which, by the way, are hardly neither gentle nor motherly, it is a certainty that most diamonds are flawed in one way or another. It is simply a matter of degree.

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