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"... And the two shall be one ..."

History of the Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond Engagement Rings

Symbolic of enduring, shining devotion, the diamond remains the most well-known and desired stone for an engagement ring. It is rooted in tradition and is a link to the past. It represents not only a formal announcement of intentions, but also a celebration, a promise and a hope of love everlasting.

"This diamond ring can be something beautiful
And this diamond ring can be dreams that are coming true"

Those lyrics are from the song "This Diamond Ring" recorded by Gary Lewis and the Playboys in 1965. To risk a pun they ring true. However, it was not always that way.

Tradition has it that in ancient Egypt, an engaged woman would wear a plain ring on the fourth finger of the left hand. It was believed that the 'vena amoris' the vein of love ran directly from the tip of that finger to the heart. According to the prayer book from 1549, the similar Christian tradition did not come to be until the 16th century. Before that, the ring was to be worn on the third finger of the right hand. According to teachings of the time, the left hand was sinister.

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