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"... And the two shall be one ..."

The History of Diamonds

"A kiss on your hand may feel very good, but a diamond lasts forever" "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" by Anita Loos - 1925.

Some believe a diamond is at least 900,000,000 years old! Some are as much as two-thirds the age of Earth itself. The transparent form of pure carbon, diamonds are born between 60 120 miles underground by tremendous heat and pressure. They are transported upward by subterranean volcanic eruptions that result in the formation of carrot-shaped cones known as 'pipes'- of kimberlite rock. Some of the diamonds remain within the pipe. These are the primary deposits. Other stones are washed away by nature and settle on riverbanks. These are what are known as 'alluvial' deposits.

The first diamonds in history were discovered in alluvial deposits in India roughly 3000 years ago. India continued to be the prime source of diamonds for many years.

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