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"... And the two shall be one ..."

Jewelry Insurance, Diamond Insurance

Art Deco Diamond Ring

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A diamond is the oldest thing that you will ever own. Unlike other old things, it does not breakdown. It does not cease to function. It does not throw a gasket. It does not depreciate. Conversely, from the day you own it, the diamond does its job admirably and completely to wit; it is very busy being a diamond. It is something of which to be proud. You are proud of it not only for its value and what that says about you, but certainly for the priceless sentimental value associated with it.

To reward the diamond for a job well done, and for your own piece of mind, it should be properly cared for. First, diamond rings belong on fingers or in jewelry boxes not in pockets or purses. That is only common sense. It is a piece of jewelry not a nail file. Do not put off getting the ring re-sized or one day you will look down and that shining stone will be a shining memory.

Accidents will happen. Thousands of pieces of jewelry are lost, stolen or have strayed each year. Like it or not, your only protection against untoward circumstances is an insurance policy.

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