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Wedding Ring Articles

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Celtic Wedding Bands

Celtic Symbolism

The ancient Celts who drew the first intertwined knot designs may not have had symbolism in mind when they did so. The meanings that we attach to the comparatively simple patterns we find in Celtic wedding bands were developed in relatively modern times. However, as years went by and the designs began to vary, and become more intricate, it became evident that they stood for something ... read more.

Celtic Wedding Rings

Celtic Rings and Infinity

Today, many people choose Celtic rings for their wedding bands, engagement rings, promise rings, and friendship rings. These unique Celtic ring designs have been found all over the world and many have tried to find the exact meaning to all the various knots, spirals, chevrons, and scrolls ... read more.

Celtic Wedding Bands


The Story of Claddagh Rings

When you think of Celtic rings you tend think of the unique and exquisite designs, but do you know where these designs originated? Celtic rings come in an array of styles and patterns, which include knotwork, spirals, geometric shapes and designs. One of the most popular and interesting Celtic rings is the Claddagh ring ... read more.

Celtic Wedding Rings

Celtic Ring Meanings

Celtic wedding bands contain one of the strongest symbols of marriage in existence today, yet are derived from one of the most ancient cultures and traditions of the past, dating back from the 1st Century BC.  To gain a better understanding of the meaning of Celtic band designs, we can consider a brief survey of Celtic history, religion, and art ... read more.

More Wedding Ring Articles

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Wedding Ring Articles - Celtic Wedding Bands

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