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A New Wave of Fashion? The Return of Lace!

Wedding fashion changes like the seasons!  It is heavily influenced by runway fashion and dresses worn by celebrities.  For example, all fashion eyes are now on the sales of dresses similar to Priscilla Chan’s dress after photos were released from her secretive wedding to Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.  In fact, one feature of her dress has been making headlines in the wedding world for a little over a year now.  The new fashion?  An old favorite!  LACE!

Lace symbolizes a woman’s delicate and feminine nature.  It covers the body, but allows a level of sensuality to shine through.  Lace certainly isn’t new in wedding fashion, but it is making a huge comeback as the embellishment of choice for many ladies on their big day.  In order to fully appreciate the return of lace to the wedding fashion scene, let’s take a look back at the history of this fine fabric.

Prior to the 1800’s lace was manufactured by hand.  The more detail and closer the stitching, the more expensive and elegant the fabric became.  Closer stitching also made the fabric more durable, which was essential since dresses had to be worn over and over again.  Even wedding dresses were pulled apart and pieces were stitched to make new dresses.  A piece of lace could be sewn and re-sewn into many dresses before it fell apart if it was of high quality.

During the 1800’s the textile industry was overtaken by machines.  It just so happens that Queen Victoria was marrying Prince Albert at this time.  She was already a queen and needed to look regal in her wedding gown.  Rather than choosing a machine created piece of fabric, she had handmade lace on her gown. That charged a massive fashion wave to incorporate lace into wedding gowns.  The fashion industry never really stopped riding that wave. 

However, over time the look of lace became a bit old fashioned.  It was often paired with poofy gowns that screamed of times long ago.  Many modern brides wanted a sleek, more modern look.  Suddenly, last spring, Kate Middleton entered the fashion scene with a streamlined, very modern, but lacy gown as she married Prince William.  Once again, the British royalty set off the fashion trend for the western world. 

Kate Middleton’s gown donned lace sleeves.  Business royalty, Priscilla Chan’s dress showed off her neckline and back through elegant lace.  These two women have brought lace back into modern fashion.  Keep your eyes on the aisles and runways to see how long the wedding fashion world can ride the wave this time around.

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