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Black Diamonds Grow in Popularity: Are They Right For You?

When you think of wedding jewelry, what stone comes to mind?  Diamonds, of course!  We know that diamonds symbolize togetherness and unity.  Diamonds are strong, and we use them for engagement and wedding jewelry in hopes that our relationships will be as strong as the stone itself! 

Diamonds have been used in rings since the Roman Empire.  Folklore tells us that the Romans and those during the Middle Ages believed that diamonds could ward off evil spirits.  Because of their rarity and believed powers, they gained great value.  For hundreds of years they have been used in engagement rings.  Diamonds actually have a variety of colors.  You may remember the famous blue diamond from the movie Titanic.  Other varieties include pink and champagne colors.  However, black diamonds with white gold settings, whether mixed with white diamonds or not, are strikingly beautiful and elegant. 

If you like the idea of diamonds, but want to go in a new direction, perhaps you would like black diamonds.  In the past few years, the popularity of colored diamonds, especially black diamonds, has greatly increased.  In 2010, Carrie Bradshaw’s character in the movie Sex in the City received a black diamond as her engagement ring.  Since then, brides across the world are looking for their own black diamond wedding jewelry.  Jewelry stores are now carrying black diamond options in their showcases as well as offering to order black diamonds in place of traditional white diamonds to fit popular settings.

Black diamonds can be found in Central African Republic and Brazil.  They are a bit more porous than white diamonds, but rank the same on the hardness scale.  They are typically small, so you may have a difficult time finding stones of more than one carat.

If you decide a black diamond is right for you, a great place to begin your search is

When choosing jewelry for your engagement or your weddings bands, remember that this is a piece you will wear every day.  Choose something that suits your personality.  Make sure the piece is something you are proud to showoff no matter where you are!

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