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Celtic Symbolism

Celtic Symbolism

Celtic Knot
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The Ancient Celts

The ancient Celts who drew the first intertwined knot
designs may not have had symbolism in mind when they did so. The meanings
that we attach to these comparatively simple patterns were developed in
relatively modern times. However, as years went by and the designs began to
vary, and become more intricate, it became evident that they stood for

One of the reasons that we are certain of this fact is that
the Celts, as worshippers of the Druidic faith, held fast that all things
living were sacred. However, according to no less authority than Julius
Caesar, sacred material was forbidden to be put in writing. It was to be
passed down by word of mouth and later by way of symbolic artwork.

The Celtic symbolism that we see in the artwork today, no
matter if it dates from antiquity or from the day before yesterday, is a
union of pre-Christian, neo-Christian, and present day Christian
philosophies and beliefs. The meaning attached to a symbol in modern times
may not be the same one that the ancient artist attached to it. In many
cases, there are conflicting views among today’s scholars as to exactly
‘what’ means ‘what’.

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Celtic Knot
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