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Color! Color! Color! A Rainbow of Possibility

Color!  Color! Color!  The hottest thing to hit weddings since the wedding cake is color!  It is one of the first decisions you make when planning your wedding, and it is one of the most important decisions.  The colors you choose will set the tone for your entire ceremony and reception.

Years ago color wasn’t all that important in overall wedding theme.  The dress is what we remember about Princess Diana’s wedding to Prince Charles, not the color of the flowers or the bridesmaids’ dresses.  However, today we put great emphasis on the colors chosen for the big day.

Wedding trends change with the seasons.  Colors can be the exception.  Some color combinations have become classic mainstays in the wedding world.  Black and white is simple and will never go out of style.  It is also cheap and easy!  Add a splash off deep red and you elevate the level of sophistication, but you remain classic and elegant.  Pink is also a color that remains popular.  It reminds us of love and rosy hopes for the couple.

Some colors are making a comeback from the sixties and seventies.  Many women today are choosing bright yellows or muted mustards.  Daisies used to be a popular flower for wedding bouquets during the time of free love and free spirits, so they are finding their way back into the overall scheme.  Another comeback is the return of greens and browns.  The earthy tones are creeping in to mute the brighter colors that have stormed the wedding market.

The hottest new trend is to combine popular colors to make a color scheme unique and surprising.  For example, some bold brides are matching a bright, modern orange with deep red, royal blue, turquoise, or brown.  Orange is arguably the hottest color out there right now.

Another combination that is a hit is pink with gray.  Moving away from the stark contrast of black with pink can give the wedding a soft, subtle appeal.  The pinks range from hot pink to a softer mauve.

Royal blue mixed with bright yellow puts two trendy colors together for a surprising twist.  Two bold colors can wake up any party and provide limitless ways to display the colors.

Once you have chosen your colors, try to look beyond bridesmaids’ dresses and flowers when adding color to the décor.  Display your color scheme in the details!  Add color to you, the bride, by painting your nails the color you have chosen or wearing shoes of that color.  You also could add the color to your jewelry, hair piece, or the dress itself with ribbons.  Aisle runners and ribbons on seat covers can brighten up the ceremony.  The cake is a great place to add color at the reception.  During the reception, don’t forget the lighting.  Using colored lights can definitely change the mood of the room.

Your options are limitless!  Have fun coloring your wedding day!

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