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Emerald Engagement Rings for Life-filled Love

14K White Gold Emerald and Diamond Regal Channel RingWe’ve been hearing a lot about the emerald lately—not surprising since it is from this gemstone that Pantone’s color of the year gets its inspiration. But, have you ever considered the emerald as an option when you’re popping the question? Emerald engagement rings can serve as unique and meaningful symbols of a love that’s filled with life. Here are three ways that they do just that.

The emerald communicates growth and vibrancy. The word “emerald” actually means “green gemstone,” and has become synonymous with the greenest of greens. This hue has long been considered the color of life, and when it’s given a big dose of sparkle, as is the case with emerald, it becomes a dazzling symbol of love that’s anything but stagnant. The vivid shade of the emerald is a result of traces of chromium within the gem, though knowing the source of this brilliant color doesn’t subtract from this stone’s ability to capture the beauty of a love that’s continually growing stronger.

Antique Halo Emerald and Diamond RingAn emerald never goes out of style. As one of the four classic precious gemstones, the emerald has a long and rich history of use in jewelry. It’s served as a striking accent for literally thousands of years, and was mined by the ancient Egyptians as early as 3000 BC—even Cleopatra was said to be a fan! This strong record as a much-loved and admired stone ensures that the emerald isn’t falling out of fashion any time soon!

The longevity of the emerald’s appeal is especially significant when this gem is used in engagement rings, as it allows these rings to represent the fact that the love that you share is far from a passing trend. Vintage styles that feature the emerald, such as the Antique Halo Emerald and Diamond Ring, are particularly meaningful symbols of lasting love as they combine a perpetually glamorous gemstone with a time-tested style.

The emerald is a surprising but sophisticated pick. An emerald isn’t exactly the expected choice for an engagement ring, and that’s just what makes it an excellent pick when you’re trying to express a love that’s one of a kind. This gem is instantly head-turning, allowing it to show the world that your love is bold and unashamed.

Although emerald rings are less than traditional picks as engagement rings, they’re definitely options to consider! These vividly-sparkling styles are just the thing for celebrating a vibrant, growing love.

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