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Bouquets, flower girls, boutonnieres, and floral arrangements are wedding staples!  No wedding is complete without them.  Some brides, however, need more than that to satisfy their love for flowers. 

Many brides decide to base their wedding on a theme.  Floral themes are classic and just as popular today as they were a hundred years ago.  There are numerous ways to incorporate that theme into your fashion when planning your wedding.

First of all, the bridal gown itself can display blossoms.  Some gowns have flowers in the lace.  Others have them sewn on in beads.  This dress, from, has flowers made from the same taffeta as the rest of the dress.  With a corset style, strapless gown, the taffeta flowers are not too heavy for the overall look.  Other gowns have flowers embroidered in the same color as the dress or in a variety of colors to add a pop of color or match the color scheme for the wedding.  You also could showcase the flowers in the dresses of the attendants.  Many dress designers are putting beautiful flowers onto the gowns of bridesmaids and flower girls.  These flowers also range in color and size.  The modern trend seems to follow small flowers, which portrays a sense of elegance.

Floral gown

Many brides also choose to showcase the theme in their hair accessories or shoes.  There are numerous hair clips or pins that are adorned with blossoms of all shapes and sizes.  If you are after a vintage look or throwback to the 1920’s, an elegant hat with attached flowers can be captivating. 

Of course, let’s not forget jewelry.  Sabika, a company that specializes in Austrian Swarovski crystals, offers several pieces with flowers. also has a line of jewelry that arranges jewels into a flower pattern.  If you want ultimate elegance, check out their black diamond ring!


Sabika flowers


Beyond fashion, flowers are easily displayed in the decorations.  To amp the theme, look for ways to incorporate the theme other than actual flower arrangements.  The invitations, programs, menus, or place cards are easy to print with a floral theme.  Each of these allows you to go as big and bold or soft and demure as you want.  Favors are another easy way to display flowers.  Printing floral labels for jars of jams, floral boxes full of candy, or packets of wildflower seeds are excellent ways to carry on the theme. 

This theme is perfect because it is limitless!  Enjoy your planning!

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