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Four Dazzling Diamond Look-alikes

Moissanite Modern Design Engagement RingWhile the diamond is the undeniably classic pick when it comes to engagement rings, it’s not the only white sparkling stone that can beautifully serve as a symbol of love on your left hand. Several stones, both precious and semiprecious, provide looks that are similar to that of a diamond, but at significantly lower prices. Here are four fantastic diamond alternatives, perfect for popping the question.


The newest diamond alternative of the bunch, moissanite is quickly making a name for itself for its standout sparkle. Discovered in 1893 by a scientist in the Arizona desert, this gem didn’t enter the world of jewelry until approximately a century later. This stone has a high refractive index, which allows it to emit dazzling flashes of light. It’s also almost as durable as a diamond, making moissanite rings lasting options for today’s brides to be.

White Sapphire

This white variety of the timeless blue precious gemstone is a dazzling option for engagement rings. Like its classic counterpart, white sapphire is quite hard and has a striking sparkle that’s unique and sophisticated.

White Topaz

While yellow is the first color that many people think of when they think of topaz, the white variety of this semiprecious gemstone is an excellent diamond alternative for those on a budget. Its appearance ranges from transparent to translucent, giving it a unique beauty all its own.

Cubic Zirconia

Cubic zirconia is one of the best-known diamond alternatives, and cubic zirconia engagement rings are available in a wide range of styles. Sometimes called CZ, this stone has been popular for decades. As a synthetic gemstone, cubic zirconia is manufactured to be flawless, and while it’s not as hard as a diamond, it’s still durable enough to stand up to everyday wear.

Even if you’re not looking for a budget-friendly engagement ring option, don’t dismiss these dazzling white gemstones! These diamond alternatives are gorgeous picks in their own right.


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