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Going Vintage: Why Styles From the Past are Perfect For Modern-Day Brides

Paisley Wedding Band Ring - 14K Two-Tone GoldThinking of going vintage with your wedding bands, but aren’t sure if you want a style that’s inspired by times gone by? Here are three reasons to consider a vintage wedding ring.

Vintage wedding bands are celebrations of lasting love! Whether they’re floral or paisley designs inspired by the feminine and romantic patterns of the Victorian Era or bold neoclassical styles that harken from the Art Deco Period, vintage wedding bands have already proven that they have staying power! Since these styles have already endured for decades, they’re ideal rings for celebrating the lasting nature of your love. When you wear a vintage style, you wear a reminder of that fact that your bond is far more than a passing fad!

Looks from the past have proven style. Apart from their ability to represent lasting love, the time-tested style of vintage wedding bands makes them excellent picks. Their looks alone make them more than worthy of wear. Wedding bands inspired by the past utilize design elements that, despite their age, never go out of fashion. For example, the swirls and flowers often seen on Victorian designs create a sense of enduring feminine charm, while the geometric shapes and strong lines of the Art Deco Period are timelessly classy.

Vintage wedding bands are often handcrafted. Styles inspired by the past often showcase the careful touch of a skilled craftsman, and this handcrafted beauty makes each of them one of a kind. Thus, they’re lovely ways to symbolize that your love is one in a million, that it’s uniquely beautiful and that it’s more than worthy of the upmost of care.

Vintage Floral Wedding Band in 14K Rose GoldThe looks of the past work well with other wedding band trends. The designs of the Victorian Era and the Art Deco Period are able to incorporate many other top wedding band trends, such as rose gold (try the Vintage Floral Wedding Band in 14K Rose Gold) and tone-tone styles (like the Paisley Wedding Band Ring in 14K Two-Tone Gold). This adaptability makes them excellent picks for trend-seekers and lovers of classic looks alike.

Vintage wedding bands may be trending right now, but they’re far more than just a trend. Whether you choose a style from the past for its ability to celebrate your lasting love, its time-tested style, its handcrafted beauty or its ability to mesh with a trend that catches your eye, these rings are worth considering!

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