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Popularity of Princess Cut Wedding Rings

Among the various designs of wedding rings, the princess cut wedding rings has always stood apart from the rest of the other designs and quality. Their appearance is so striking that you are bound to get jealous on seeing one on another person’s finger. Gone are those days when wedding bands or rings are supposed to be plain gold or silver rings. The present day brides are being offered various designs and quality of wedding bands from notable and reputable jewelers, especially online where shopping is confirmed to be hassle-free and cheaper.

Are you a bride to be? If yes, then spread out your wings and go for something special like the princess cut wedding rings for their striking appearance which tells the world a lot about you. Now you are wondering if there are other things that make this type of ring worth the popularity it is enjoying. Yes, there are. First, apart from its beauty, it is also functional. How do I mean? It is not every type of ring that you can wear and comfortably go about your daily house chores as they get dirty and cleaning them becomes a Herculean task. This is not the case with this type of wedding ring, or with princess cut diamond engagement rings.

Due to the fact that the diamond crested on the ring comes in square or rectangular shape, it makes it easy to clean the princess cut wedding rings when they get dirty in the course of carrying out your chores. This then brings us to the issue of the type of setting that works best for this class of ring. There are two main settings which are the collar setting, which even though it has a modern look and design, is among the oldest ring settings in history. The other one is the claw setting which holds a single stone in place and makes cleaning of the ring as easy as possible.

Finally on the princess cut wedding rings, it comes down to the choice of metal you prefer to be used in the design of your ring. Whether you choose to use white gold or platinum, there is every assurance that your ring will turn out to be one of the top best items you have ever invested in. You can also choose to go the extra mile in getting something unique by combining two different compatible metals to get a twisted design for your ring. When all these are sorted out, remember not to use a bogus stone for your ring since keeping it simple means convenience in carrying out your daily chores. Make the most of your choice of the princess cut wedding rings and you will be glad you did.

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