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Protecting Your Engagement Ring: When to Take it Off

From the moment it first graces your left ring finger, you’ve probably been more than hesitant to go without your engagement ring. However, sometimes taking good care of your ring means taking it off, whether the style you’re wearing is a classic solitaire or an elaborate vintage design. Here are a number of situations in which it’s best to give your ring a rest.

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When applying sunscreen or lotion. While protecting and moisturizing your skin will help to keep it looking its best for your wedding day, lotions and creams don’t have the same effect on your engagement ring. Take a moment to slide it off before applying these products to prevent them from building up in crevices and forming a shine-reducing film on the surface.

When you’re gardening. You probably don’t need to be told that soil can soil your ring. While gloves can help keep your hands and your diamond ring clean, you can still knock your stone loose. Consider leaving your ring inside if you’re doing more than just light weeding.

While cleaning. Although commercial cleaning products can work like a charm for blasting soap scum or loosening gunk in the oven, these household cleansers aren’t suited for jewelry. In fact, they can even damage it. To protect your ring, simply use your right hand for quick clean-up jobs and wear gloves or remove your ring for larger tasks.

When taking a dip. Swimming with your ring on might seem harmless at first, but it poses two potential threats. First, the chemicals that are used in many pools can lead to discoloration. Secondly, if you’re swimming cool water, your finger may shrink due to decreased circulation in your hands, which can cause your ring to become lose and fall off.

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When you’re getting messy in the kitchen. While there’s certainly no need to remove your diamond when you’re making a sandwich, certain kitchen tasks are better performed without a ring, especially an intricately-detailed design such as an antique-style engagement ring. For example, you wouldn’t want bits of cookie dough or meatloaf to hitch a ride with your diamond. As a rule of thumb, if you’re using your hands as cooking utensils, set your ring aside first.

No matter why you’re removing your ring, it’s a good idea to designate a safe place to store it so that you always know where to find it. Having a designated spot, such as a small tray or ring holder, can also prevent you from placing your ring in a precarious position, such as the edge of the sink, or shoving it in your pocket, only to put it through the laundry. Choose a storage place that’s practical for you; for instance, if you often use your hands for cooking, set aside a spot in the kitchen.

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your engagement ring is to leave it behind. By taking it off at the right times, you can keep it looking its best for your wedding day and many days to follow.

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