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Should Your Wedding Bands Match?

One of the first questions to ask about your wedding bands, even before you consider what metal you’d like and whether want plain wedding bands or styles that are more original, is “Should our wedding bands match?” The answer to this single question will determine quite a bit about how you shop and what rings you choose. Here are four things to think about when considering if you and the one you love should opt for matching his-and-her wedding bands.

Hammered Milgrain Wedding Band in 14K White GoldThe bride’s engagement ring: If you’d like your wedding band to match your engagement ring, your choices for your own wedding band are significantly narrowed down from the start. If your engagement ring is fairly simple, a wedding band that coordinates with it may also be suitable for the groom; however, if your engagement ring is adorned with flowers or another feminine motif, the groom might not be big on a wedding band that matches.

Your personal tastes: One of the most influential factors in choosing wedding bands is your personal taste and that of your spouse-to-be. If one of you gravitates toward vintage styles while the other is drawn toward modern looks, it’s probably best to select two different rings, each of which celebrates one person’s unique personality. Another option is to select a classic design that complements any sense of style.

Titanium Celtic Knot Wedding Band RingYour lifestyles: Do you tend to be hard on your jewelry or work in a profession in which your hands take a bit of abuse? What about the person you’re planning to marry? If either of you has a tendency to submit your rings to a few hard knocks, wedding bands that hide dents or that resist them are definitely ones to consider. For example, hammered wedding rings already have a pounded texture, and any little dings that you add will simply contribute to their character; wedding bands crafted from an exceedingly strong metal such as titanium can take a bit of abuse without looking worse for the wear. If one of you is hard on jewelry, and both of you are attracted to rings that don’t show or resist wear, matching wedding bands could be the way to go. However, if one of you isn’t a fan of these styles, it may be best to select unique rings for each of you.

Your budget: The amount you can or would like to spend plays a big role in what rings you choose, whether or not you opt for styles that match. However, if you’re looking to save some cash, know that buying a matching wedding band set for the bride and groom can often set you back less than buying the two rings that it contains separately.

If you decide that matching wedding rings are for you, don’t be afraid to think outside the box of plain white gold or yellow gold styles. For example, although titanium wedding bands are often thought of as pieces for the groom, titanium wedding bands for women are also excellent picks. Regard of whether or not you choose matching rings, your wedding bands will be a celebration of your bond with the one you love.

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