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Vintage Wedding Bands: Why Yesterday’s Styles are Perfect for Today

They may resemble the rings that your grandparents and great-grandparents wore, but that doesn’t mean that they’re outdated. Many vintage-style wedding bands are more than relevant today and their time-tested style is just as eye-catching and beautiful in the present as it was decades ago.

14K White Gold Paisley Wedding BandThe Victorian Era serves as the inspiration for many vintage wedding rings, and looks from this time period can call to mind simpler times. These designs provide inspiration to slow down and to enjoy the one you love, free from distraction.

Designs that bring to mind a time when life moved at a slower pace are especially appealing in an age when time seems to fly by at an increasingly frantic pace. Vintage wedding rings capture the romance that we often read about, and that we dream will one day come our way—a romance that sweeps you off your feet and makes time seem to stand still.

Victorian-inspired wedding rings often use floral motifs to create a sense of timeless feminine charm as they call to mind the patterns that were in vogue a century ago. Paisley patterns also pop up frequently on Victorian wedding bands, adding whimsical touches that never go out of style. Paisley wedding bands are among the most popular vintage wedding rings, thanks to their perpetual class and elegantly curving motifs.

Since vintage designs have already proven their ability to endure for decades or even a century, they’re sure picks when you’re looking for a ring that has staying power. These bands will look just as beautiful on your 50th anniversary as they do on your wedding day.

Designs that have stood the test of time are ideal symbols of love that will only grow stronger as time passes. Just as true love becomes more and more beautiful as the years pass, the appeal of these rings becomes greater with age as what they stand for becomes an increasingly precious treasure.

Hand Carved Floral Wedding Band, 14K White Gold

Quality craftsmanship is a hallmark of vintage designs that have endured, and when you give a ring that’s been crafted with care, you demonstrate to the one you love that you’re willing to give that person the best of yourself. These meticulously designed pieces are ideal reminders that your love is worth your all.

Many vintage wedding rings are handcrafted, bearing the mark of skilled artisans, and this personal touch makes them pieces that are truly special. These rings are one-of-a-kind, perfect for expressing a love that’s unlike any other.

Wedding bands inspired by the past are the perfect partners for vintage engagement rings, but they can also pair beautifully with simple solitaires and three-stone engagement rings. These bands add a touch of rich style and texture to your left hand whether you wear one with an engagement ring from the same era or a ring with sleek, timeless style.

For their timeless beauty, and their ability to capture a sense of romance, vintage wedding bands are winning picks. They may be inspired by the past, but they’re perfect for today.

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